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Who is the artist?


Well, that's me! I'm Cindy Magee. I live in southern NJ with two cats, my love Joe, twenty some odd chickens, and our amazing dog, Lerch. I ride a motorcycle (and have for over 20 years). I love all things creative, and small influences of my interests show in my work from time to time. You might see an element of medieval calligraphy and illumination, or a bit of metalsmithing, or maybe even a little woodworking. I do a little bit of everything - sewing, crochet, even cooking! I'm a very DIY kinda girl. Just don't ask me to do the dishes. I'm barely housebroken, so Suzy Homemaker I ain't!

I also really love reusing things. If I can fix it, reuse it, or repurpose it, I will! I can't stand the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. It's shameful. Not only is it just good practice to reuse things, my curbside finds fascinate me! That's what's driving much of my artwork right now. I get a real sense of satisfaction from painting on an actual object that's had an entire life before I came upon it. It's a really different feeling from painting on a rectangular paper or canvas. I feel a bit like I'm saving an object's life, and in a tiny way, saving our future while still honoring the past.


Why Crow Studio?

It's said that crows collect baubles and shiny things - and they've been known to leave rare trinkets for exceptional humans. I collect up all manner of strange and wonderful objects, myself. I've got caches of objects hidden about; I squirrel away anything I find interesting, and wait for a use to come to me later.

I'm always working on transforming some piece of my junkpile into a treasure. I'm hoping that, like the crows, my own odd collection of baubles and shiny things will be loved by some very special humans, too. That's where the Crow Studio name comes from.


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